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Being a manager in Scouting is an important and rewarding role, but it can be a tricky one.

The Resource Links to the right gives you easy access to resources to help you with the challenging aspects of your vital role.

We provide support to local managers to recruit adults and facilitate Scouting within their groups. Please contact us for further assistance.


Activities are an integral part of Scouting, and what makes it so exciting for the young people involved. From here you should be able to find all the information you need to provide all the activities your young people can manage.

Our advisors are on-hand to assist with specialist activities.

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Activity Information Links

The links below are a useful reference point to find out all you need to know about an activity. Find activity ideas, guidance and details of how you can provide each activity.

For each activity details are included such as:

  • a checklist for running the activity yourself
  • a checklist for using external providers to run the activity
  • details of what the activity involves
  • links to any guidelines or rules regarding the activity

Simply click on an icon to view the information.

Abseiling is a form of descending from a height using a rope.
Aerial Runway
An aerial runway, or zip wire, is a rope slide that stretches between two fixed points.
Amateur Radio
Amateur radio is a way for radio users around the world to communicate directly with each other.
Participants shoot at static targets in order to score points. A round consists of a number of ends of arrows. This is the number of arrows that each archer shoots prior to the scores being recorded and the arrows collected.
Axe Throwing
Axe Throwing
Axe throwing, if done in the right way, can be an exciting and challenging activity.
Who can fail to be excited by the sight of a majestic hot-air balloon drifting over summer cornfields or cricket greens on a balmy summer evening?
The musical talent in Scouting encompasses all types and styles of music.
Bell Boating
Bellboating is a fun activity for all ages. The boats can fit between 8-12 people in this stable craft.
Bouldering is a rock climbing challenge undertaken on a bouldering feature close to the ground.
Bungee Running
Bungee running is an activity where participants are attached to a secured bungee cord and run to reach a fixed target.
Open canoes are ideal craft to introduce people to water sports. They are more stable than kayaks and far less cramped.
Canyoning is the activity of following a river bed through a deep gorge, often with high mountain sides.
Not only are caves some of the most beautiful places on earth, they only show their beauty to those who explore their depths.
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Clay Pigeon Shooting
Clay pigeon shooting (also just called clay shooting) is an international target sport, featured at the Olympic, Paralympic and Commonwealth Games, in which shotguns are fired at moving targets.
Climbing is the activity of ascending a rock feature.
This activity will take you scrambling over rocks, jumping from cliffs, swimming in the sea, and getting washed by waves.
Confidence Course
A confidence course is a series of tasks, often of a physical nature, which are completed by teams or individuals, that are designed to develop the participants' own understanding of their abilities.
Crate Climbing
Crate climbing is the act of placing one crate on top of another with the climber remaining standing on the topmost crate without dismounting at any time.
Crossbow Shooting
Crossbows are a bow like device which fire an arrow using a bolt action. Crossbows are managed in the same way as shooting.
Cycling (Road)
Cycling is the activity of using a pedal cycle on the road.
Digital Technology
Digital Technology
Digital technology activities, for example learning to write code, build and control robots, or create content for social media, is a part of a balanced Scouting programme.
Dinghy Sailing
Smaller, cheaper and more easily accessible than big boat sailing, dinghy sailing can be accessed by just about anyone regardless of location, age or mobility.
Dragon Boating
Dragon boating originated in China around 2,500 years ago, and is still practiced today in traditional water ceremonies.
Fencing (Sword)
This is a sport that involves two people and the use of special fencing swords, called foils, epees or sabres.
Flying (Powered Aircraft)
Many scouts enjoy being in the centre of the action, often next to the pilot, during take off, flying at relatively low altitude over land and coastlines, and landing.
Gang Shows
A gang show is a theatrical performance including a number of sketches, dances and musical items in a fast moving revue based on the original idea of Ralph Reader CBE.
Quietly whistling around the clouds and with the potential to fly for several hours, gliding is an exhilarating and affordable way to learn to fly.
Gorge Walking
Gorge walking is the activity of following a river bed through a gorge.
Grass Sledging
Grass sledging is the summer equivalent to the winter sport of tobogganing.
Hang Gliding
Hang glider pilots, suspended from their gliders by a special harness, launch from hills facing into wind, from winches on flat ground or by being towed aloft from an airfield behind a microlight aircraft.
High Ropes
This is any adventure course where users are attached to ropes at a height above the ground, often up to 40 feet high, with various exercises that allow individuals to physically challenge themselves.
Hillwalking is the movement through and over hills and mountains without the planned use of a climbing rope or other climbing aids.
Horse Riding
Horse riding is the activity of travelling on horseback.
Hovercrafting is the activity of riding on a powered craft which is lifted from the ground by a large fan.
Ice Climbing
Ice climbing is a winter activity involving climbing up features covered in ice using crampons and ice axes.
Jet Ski
Jet Ski is the activity of riding a shallow-draft and highly-manoeuvrable, water-jet-propelled, aquatic craft.
Judo is a martial art used for self defence where participants are taught to use their opponents' size and weight against them.
Karate is a traditional Japanese system of unarmed combat.
Karting (Engine Powered)
Karting is the activity of racing small powered vehicles against each other, usually around a custom-built track.
Originally used by the Inuits for hunting and fishing, a kayak is propelled from a sitting position using a double-ended paddle.
Keelboating is an activity involving a specific type of sailing boat, the boats involved are designed to self right if they capsize due to the construction of their hull.
Kite Surfing
Kite surfing is a great activity for those who are confident in the water and are ready for a challenge.
Land Yachting
Land yachting is an environmentally-friendly activity which, while being highly enjoyable, produces no noise, pollution or damage to its surroundings.
Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting
A simulated version of clay pigeon shooting in which laser guns are used instead of shotguns.
Laser Guns
In laser target shooting games the participants fire laser guns at artificial targets, such as in laser clay pigeon shooting and in variants in which the targets may be other objects or images.
Low Ropes
This is any adventure course where users are attached to ropes at a height above the ground, usually less than 10 feet high, with various exercises that allow individuals to physically challenge themselves.
Marching Bands
Scout (or scout and guide) bands were originally known as drum and bugle marching bands, but as the bugle could only play five notes it limited the music that could be played.
Flying in a microlight - whether it be 'flexi-wing' or the traditional three axis model which looks similar to an orthodox light aircraft with wings, rudder, tail plane and of course a little engine - is much more exciting than a traditional two/four-seater light aircraft.
Mine Exploration
Mine Exploration is similar to caving but exploring man made rather than natural underground passages.
Motor Cruising
Motor cruising is the use of large boats powered generally by the power of an engine.
Motor Sports
Motor sports are land activities involving motorised vehicles, which can include racing, skill tests etc.
Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is the activity of travelling by mountain cycle away from roads on difficult and challenging terrain.
Musical Performances
The musical talent in Scouting encompasses all types and styles of music.
Narrow Boating
What better way to take youngsters away for a while? Introduce them to the world of canals and the excitement of life afloat in fresh surroundings.
Off-Road Cycling
Off-road cycling is the activity of travelling by mountain cycle away from roads on difficult and challenging terrain.
Providing the suspense and excitement of a treasure hunt, orienteering is an adventurous activity for people of all ages, fitness and skill levels.
This activity is permitted as an externally led activity only.
Skydiving is one of the most exciting sports of modern times. Dynamic and colourful, it offers both men and women total mastery of the air and the freedom to make the skies their own.
Paragliding has developed as a more individual sport than parascending and usually takes place from suitable hillsides or mountains.
Parascending is the basic tow form of paragliding, although the teams now have winches and can tow paragliders as well as ascending canopies.
Pony Trekking
Pony trekking is the activity of travelling on a pony.
Not only are caves some of the most beautiful places on earth, they only show their beauty to those who explore their depths.
Power Boating
Power boating uses exciting, awesome power machines that require skill and knowledge to master, but give the opportunity for anyone to try.
Private Mobile Radios
Private mobile radio (PMR) involves the use of walkie-talkie style radios to communicate with others.
Pulling is the activity of propelling an open craft primarily by the use of oars where there is fixed seating, a coxswain and a crew.
Quite simply this involves rolling a large inflatable sphere around a set area, often by two or more opposing teams who can be trying to 'score' by pushing the ball to or through a goal.
Quad Biking
Quad biking is a motor sport activity using an all-terrain vehicle known as a quad bike.
Raft Building
This activity promotes team work and cooperation as well as testing out the group's knowledge of knots and their concepts of building items from scratch.
Rowing involves the pulling of oars through the water to propel a boat in the desired direction.
Sailing is a sport that can be enjoyed by absolutely anyone. Sailing is one of the few sports where able bodied and disabled people can take part alongside each other.
Scrambling is the intermediate between hill walking and rock climbing.
Scuba Diving
Scuba diving is the activity of underwater swimming with breathing aided by the use of an air tank.
Sculling is the activity of travelling in a specialised sculling boat powered through the use of oars.
Target shooting is, as its name implies, the sport of shooting at artificial targets as opposed to live quarry.
Few sights in nature can be as perfect as a clear blue sky, spectacular scenery and the brilliant whiteness of newly fallen snow.
Sledging is a great way to access snowsports.
Seventy per cent of the world lies below the surface of the seas, and snorkelling is the first step towards exploring this underwater world.
Staged Performances
Staged performances are the activity of performing an art in front of a live audience.
Sub-aqua is the activity of underwater swimming with breathing, aided by the use of an air tank.
Surfing's popularity in the UK has gradually increased since its introduction in the 1960s. It involves riding the waves on a specially-designed surfboard.
Even if we don't remember your first time, swimming, and simply being in the water, can be one of the most memorable activities in Scouting!
Waterskiing has a venerable history, and has developed into a sport that can be enjoyed in a number of ways: on the sea or on inland waters, behind a towboat or from a ski tow, on one ski or two.
White Water Rafting
White water rafting involves one or a group of people paddling an inflatable raft down a wild water river.
Windsurfing is a thrilling blend of surfing and sailing, as you learn to glide across the water on a specially-designed surf board, powered by wind through the use of a sail.
Winter Sports
There are loads of great activities which can be done through the winter months, or get our members involved in winter activities during the summer.
Yachting is the activity of travelling in a boat powered by the wind through the use of a sail in offshore, tidal waters.
When zorbing you will find yourself inside a gigantic, bouncy, transparent pvc ball, surrounded by a thick cushion of air and another larger ball.

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